Online Escape Room Project

Level 1 - Retro Diner (Under construction)

This demo contains limited gameplay and partial access to the first level of my game project. Feel free to explore! (Do not forget to enable sound)


-Press Z = Restart scene
-Press S= Activate 'Spikes' trap
-Press G= Activate 'Gas' trap
-Press Right Mousebutton= Show Inventory (Need to do more work on that)

Note: some 'bugs' may occur, If you press the fire alarm for example: Please wait resetting the scene untill your fully submerged or the sound will keep playing:) I have to re- program the entire game still but im working on another part at this moment.

Requirements for this demo: 2GB dedicated graphics card or up. Laptops with onboard video will probably have a hard time loading this demo. The quality is really high for WebGL production.

Click Here to enter, The game will load in a seperate window.

Questions, feedback and or Suggestions?
Twitter @RedEyesRobert